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TRICARE. The G.I. Bill. The VA Home Loan. These veterans benefits don’t require much of an introduction. In addition to these big three though, there are a number of lesser-known programs in place to help the military community.

Life Insurance

The VA provides 6 different life insurance policies, all of which offer competitive premium rates. This can be extremely helpful for veterans who were injured during service and now have difficulty applying for traditional life insurance. The most common policies are Service Members’ and Veterans’ Group Life Insurance Programs, and veterans can receive coverage for up to $400,000.

Death Benefits

After the loss of a military veteran, the VA provides families with benefits to honor their loved one. Primarily, this includes burial flags and Presidential Memorial Certificates. A flag for memorialization purposes may also be provided.

Employment Assistance

The VA offers various resources and programs to help veterans gain employment, including resume builders, military skill translators, and vocational training.

VA Foreclosures

The VA acquires properties that have gone into foreclosure on VA-guaranteed and VA-financed home loans. Then, the properties are put back on the market to be accessible for veterans. These properties can be sold for a discounted price, and vets can check out the list here.

Commercial Pilot’s License

Anyone who qualifies for G.I. Bill programs (except if you’re using Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance [DEA]) can use their benefits toward flight training in pursuit of an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate — which authorizes someone to be “pilot in command” on scheduled air carrier’s aircraft (commercial airliner). Click here to apply.

Transferring G.I. Bill Credits

The G.I. Bill opened up education opportunities for veterans as they assimilate back into civilian life. However, many are not aware that they can transfer their unused benefits to their dependents. Just like the normal G.I. Bill benefits, qualified family members can receive money for tuition, housing, books, and supplies.

Entrepreneurial/Small Business Ownership Training

Former service members can gain entrepreneurial mentorship and knowledge by utilizing their existing Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits — more specifically, their G.I. Bill (as well as the Veterans’ Educational Assistance Program [VEAP]). To apply, click here.

National Testing Program

The National Testing Program is a VA benefit that pays veterans back for the cost of exam and testing fees. This benefit is available to veterans and service members who already qualify for the G.I. Bill. Exam and testing fees can include the cost to register, cost of specialized tests, and administrative fees. To apply for G.I. Bill benefits, click here.