By Tristan Jung

The Marines stationed at Camp Lejeune received a hasty warning from leaders warning against running at night after a spate of coyote attacks at the base. Three Marines and one sailor reported being bitten on the leg by a coyote in the area, necessitating a Facebook post reminding personnel to not run after dark. 

“There have been several recent coyote encounters by runners on jogging trails in the vicinity of and within the II MEF Information Group Area Command near the Wallace Creek area during the hours of darkness…Personnel running after dark are reminded to run on lighted trails and never approach coyotes or any other wild animals.” — Camp Lejeune Facebook page

The Camp Lejeune staff is working with the Conservation Branch to remove the coyote. A spokesman said that all bitten personnel received medical treatment and that they believe only one coyote is involved. 

Coyotes have been on the rise in North Carolina since moving east 30 years ago, according to UNCTV. There are coyotes in every North Carolina county and they have become entrenched in local ecosystems. The events at Camp Lejeune just go to show that hikers, runners, and backpackers should all be on the lookout for coyotes. 

There are about 47,000 Marines and sailors at Camp Lejeune, a 246-square-mile base located near Jacksonville, North Carolina. Hopefully they can avoid running into any more coyotes.