According to sources in the area, Oregon militia leader Ammon Bundy is in police custody Tuesday night. Shots may or may not have been fired in the arrest.

Among the “protesters” at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge are American military veterans and those who falsely claim to be American military veterans.

This from the Oregonian:

Two people have been shot and Ammon Bundy is in custody, according to a YouTube live stream report by Pete Santilli, who was speaking outside a hospital in Burns.

Santilli, a self-styled journalist, took to social media to discuss the breaking development late Tuesday afternoon. He also reported that the FBI has told the protesters at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge that they are free to go and need to leave immediately.

Not sure if it’ll be that easy to shoo away the “protesters”. After all, #DaddySworeAnOath.

Les Zaitz is a senior investigative reporter for the Oregonian.

SECOND UPDATE: One person has reportedly been killed in the arrest of Bundy.

THIRD UPDATE: This from Gawker:

In a statement, the FBI on Tuesday confirmed earlier reports that Ammon Bundy and several other armed militants were arrested north of Burns, Oregon, after a traffic stop north of Burns, Oregon, turned violent. One of the militants was killed. Six people were arrested.

All of those arrested—Ammon Bundy; Ryan Bundy; Brian Cavalier; Shawna Cox; and Ryan Waylen Payne—are charged with conspiracy to impede a federal officer by force, which is a federal felony.

While the suspect killed hasn’t officially been identified by authorities, several sources are reporting that the deceased is LaVoy Finicum.

FOURTH UPDATE: Much to our surprise, former U.S. Marine Jon “Daddy Swore an Oath” Ritzheimer isn’t at the refuge anymore? But, but … how? We thought he swore an oath?

Anyway, he’s at home in Arizona visiting his family, according to his own Facebook page, and the following video that he posted, informing the masses that he was asked by federal authorities to turn himself in.

Here’s the caption that accompanied the video:

I came home to visit my family. The Feds know I am here and are asking me to turn myself in. I need an attorney so I can get back to my girls. Please help my family. Donations can be made at to help with legal fees. Thank you all in advance. I just want the country to live by the Constitution and I just want the government to abide by it.

This is what the Bundy Ranch wrote about the situation on Facebook:

The resolve for principled liberty must go on.

It appears that America was fired upon by our government. One of liberty’s finest patriots is fallen. He will not go silent into eternity. Our appeal is to heaven.


SIXTH UPDATE: A few are STILL hanging on, according to recent reports.

SEVENTH UPDATE: Ammon Bundy has a new message from jail for his remaining militia brethren at the wildlife refuge: GO HOME.

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