If a bullet from an AK-47 directly hit you between the eyes, your face would look like ground beef. Getting hit by a ricochet? That is salvageable.

In this video, a Russian soldier dubbed the Terminator was allegedly shot by an AK-47 and got a bullet lodged in his forehead. A superior officer with questionable medical credentials then busts out a scary pair of pliers to rip the round right out of the soldier’s hard-as-steel skull. Once the deed is done, the bleeding soldier smiles.

Given that Russia sports one of the craziest propaganda machines on the planet, we can infer that this the Terminator’s feat of strength was exaggerated. The going theory is that he was hit by a ricocheting bullet, not a direct hit. Even so, you can’t deny that the smiling soldier takes the bullet extraction like a champ.

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