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Semper. Paratus. Always. Ready.

That’s the motto of the United States Coast Guard, baby. You know, where Popeye cut his teeth way back in the beginning, where service members patrol the mighty ocean chop to keep our nation from unwittingly inheriting junk, where they mingle with elegant sea creatures, oh, and where they SAVE LIVES.

Interestingly enough, their boot camp is rarely brought up in the scheme of military things, and hell — that’s just not right. Because it’s intense and arduous just like the other branches, and men and women bust their rear ends to train just like the other branches (as much as those other branches might hate to admit it).

But as much as their similar to the rest of the American military, they’re just as unique unto themselves, too. Like training to be a federal law enforcing agent, and learning how to be a part of a search and rescue team, in horrific, deadly weather conditions.

Take a look at this inside peek at the boot camp in the following footage, from the USCG training center in Cape May, at the southern tip of the great state of New Jersey …