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If you’re a military veteran who came into contact with asbestos and are now suffering from an illness believed to be related to toxic chemicals released by the old building material, you may be eligible for health care benefits as well as compensation (payments).

If you already have evidence from your doctor or medical team linking your ailment(s) to asbestos contact during your military service, then you may apply here.

If you have yet to be diagnosed, but suspect your health is failing due to asbestos contact, and you’ve either served in the Middle East, South East Asia — or served amid construction sites or shipyards, milling, mining, carpentry, demolition, vehicle repair or other areas that posed a risk — seek an appointment with a doctor.

You can securely message your doctor and other members of your medical team by clicking here.

Once you’ve filed a disability claim, you can track it and check its status by going here.

For more information on asbestos contact, and the illnesses (primarily to the lungs) it may cause, go here.