For direct online access to VA benefits and resources, create an account here.

As part of an effort to improve veterans’ access to healthcare, the VA now provides the ability to refill prescriptions securely online, then have them delivered to your residence.

If you’re a veteran, and receive healthcare from the VA, all you have to do is sign up by clicking here.

Once you have an account, it’ll take you to a “terms and conditions” page. Click “agree” and then “Submit” to be carried on to the next page.

There, you’ll see a page that has “Prescription Refill” in big bold letters, with two tabs below it “Refill Prescriptions” and “View History.” Toggle between the two to see your active VA prescriptions categorized by name, submit date, fill date, facility name, refills left, and refill status.

Under the “Refill Prescriptions” tab will be the specific medications along with a gray “Refill Prescription” button to the right of a number (which is the number of refills remaining).

To refill, hit this gray button then the following blue button that’ll pop up that reads “Order refill.” When you do, the medication’s “Refill status” will be updated and marked as “Submitted.”

When it’s done processing and shipped, a button will show up in the medication’s gray box that reads “Track package.” By hitting this, you’ll be able to see — via the United States Postal Service — where the medication is in its journey to your door.

If you need the medication sooner than the target delivery date, go to the “View History” tab (shown in the screenshot above) and click on the name of the medication. There will be a blue button that reads “Message my provider.” It’ll also have the phone number of the facility above it.