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What if we told you — a veteran — that you could, once again, protect this country like you did during your service, without ever having to reenter the military? You could help eradicate real danger and various threats to America and its citizens, your neighbors, all over the globe — and earn a good salary doing it, in addition to top-of-the-line benefits (some of which work in tandem with the years you put in as a service member).

You could. You can. As an federal employee with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) — the civilian foreign intelligence service responsible for gathering intelligence overseas, mostly through human intelligence sources, for the purpose of national security.

Don’t be deterred by the ways it’s fictionalized or fantasized by Hollywood, or video games, or even Tom Clancy — the agency is always looking to bolster its effectiveness. One of the ways it does that (and it’s no secret) is through the hiring of qualified military veterans: men and women who, through experience, know what’s at stake.

To find out how to apply, as well as the many benefits that veterans can garner upon being hired (annual and sick leave, savings plans, service credit for retirement, military leave accrual and more) click here. Within you’ll also find a “Job Fit Tool” that can help suggest the right career path for you.

A college degree may be necessary to land a position. To check on the status of your G.I. Bill benefits, click here.