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Leaving home to go to the store, or the supermarket — or the pharmacy — not only takes time out of one’s day, but it usually costs money too. If you take a vehicle to get there, you have to pay for the gasoline that makes it go. Or, you take mass transit and pay for that ride — either a train or a bus. If you take a cab, well, that’s probably even more money.

Point is, if there’s some sort of free and convenient way to get something you need without having to step outside your house or apartment for it, it’s probably worth utilizing.

For military veterans and their medical prescriptions through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), such a service exists.

By clicking here, a vet enrolled in the VA health care system can refill their prescriptions online, and have the medications delivered to their doorstep.

Once signed in, the screen will look something like this:

Within the portal, as you can see above, there are options to not only refill but to track packages and even see previous prescriptions by clicking on the “View History” tab.