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There are no shortage of words from writers and thinkers expressing the importance of having a defined, useful purpose in life. For so many veterans, however, that can pose a tremendous challenge — because often times they feel like they’d already found it, and left it, in the military. And while their experience while serving can certainly never be duplicated, another one (albeit completely different and unique) can root itself upon discharge — or even years after.

While it’s not always so apparent, there are resources that can make finding it much easier.

Like this tool, called the “Interest Profiler.”

Basically, it helps one discover the skills or interests that can then be used to find corresponding career paths. On the same page there’s also other links, including a “Military Skills Translator” and even a “Resume Builder.”

Through the same organization, one can search through over 900 types of career, and find out what they offer in salary, and what skills are required.

There’s also this link, which can provide a veteran that status of their G.I. Bill benefits — an incredibly valuable VA resource that can enable a former service member (or even a dependent) to get a college degree.