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If you’re a veteran with a period of “national service” under your belt, you may qualify for the National Call to Service program — a system set up by the Department of Defense (DoD) and administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that basically gives one alternatives to the Montgomery G.I. Bill.

There’s a number of qualifications that have to be met before the program can be utilized (they can be found by clicking here — under “Can I Get This Benefit?”). Once each box is ticked off, and a veteran is officially eligible, they can choose one of the following:

– Cash bonus of $5,000

– Repayment of qualifying student loan not more than $18,000

– Educational assistance equal to 3-year monthly MGIB rate for 12 months

– Educational assistance equal to 50% of the less than 3 year monthly MGIB rate for 36 months

To apply, click here.

Note: Enrolling in this program can affect both your service contract as well as your G.I. Bill benefits (Chapter 1606 and Chapter 30, 33) click here for additional information.