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There are a number of reasons for veterans to take advantage of the VA-backed or VA direct home loan program. If they qualify, the possibility of becoming a homeowner with no down payment, better terms and interest rates, a waive of any private mortgage insurance, fewer closing costs as well as no penalty fee.

Along with the G.I. Bill, it’s routinely cited by members of the military community as one of the most transformational benefit the VA offers.

To secure such a loan, however, there is a process, and it all begins with one crucial document: the Certificate of Eligibility — otherwise known as the “COE”. Basically, it’s the first step in applying the merit to the purchase of a home, as it confirms to your lender (usually a private bank or mortgage company) that you qualify for the VA home loan benefit.

To get a COE, click here, and follow the steps.

To find out what information you’ll need to gather, click on the position that describes you (veteran/service member/current or former activated National Guard or reserve member/current member of the National Guard/reserve member who’s never been activated/discharged member of National Guard who has never been activated/discharged member of the reserves who has never been activated).

Below this, you’ll be given three options to apply: online, through a specific system (Web LGY) or by mail.