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If you or a loved one is a military service member or veteran utilizing the G.I. Bill to go to school, and would like guidance and counsel to make the transition from service to the classroom — and, civilian life as a whole — easier, then look no further to VetSuccess on Campus (VSOC).

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VSOC supports vets, service members and even qualified dependents in this passage from uniform to suit (or jeans), and they do so by having nearly one hundred counselors spread out on college campuses all over the country. Through these professionals, student veterans can get help with not only education, but other things that relate to their service, like health care.

They can also get assistance with daily college life and curriculum-related tasks. For example, depending on a vet’s situation, they be able to have someone help them take notes on homework assignments.

You can go here and lookup to see if our institution has a dedicated VSOC counselor on campus.

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