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If you or someone you know is a veteran struggling with substance abuse, addiction, or simply having a hard time living a healthy lifestyle — there’s a quick way to get on the path to combat it. And it’s online.

If you’re in a crisis, and it’s an emergency, call 1-800-273-8255 and then press 1 to talk to someone immediately. You can also text 838255, or chat with someone privately online by clicking here. You can also call 911.

Alcohol, tobacco, prescription medication or street drugs — no matter what the substance that may be the root cause, there’s a solution to putting an end to it. And it comes in many forms. It can be medicinal, it can be counseling or types of therapy.

If you’re enrolled in the VA system, click here to securely message a member of your health care team, and tell them what you’re struggling with — together they’ll put together a treatment plan.

If you are unable to get VA care, there are still options. Click here, then scroll down to the bolded “What if I don’t have VA health care benefits?” to learn more about them. There’s also support for those veterans who are homeless or at risk of being homeless, or struggling with substance abuse-linked conditions, like depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).