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The G.I. Bill is undoubtedly an extremely valuable veteran benefit, and while it can pay for other non-tuition type things like books and housing, there still are still many other expenses that come with living on your own in America. Phone bills. Groceries. Assembling a wardrobe.

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If you’re a vet going to school and you’ve found yourself in this situation — money is tight and another stream of income is necessary — then consider the following option.

Work study.

Through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) you can apply to get a position like these listed below, and earn the federal minimum or state minimum wage (or if it’s a private or public institution, the rate they offer) while continuing your education …

– Work at a VA facility
– Work for the Department of Defense, Coast Guard or National Guard and help oversee MGIB-SR or REAP
– Work at a state veterans agency
– Work for a veterans cooperative program
– Work in a veteran-related position at an institution of higher learning


If you’re a veteran who’s currently using your VA education benefits and enrolled at least three-quarter time at an institution of higher learning, then you qualify for this program.

How to Apply

Click here and download the form that can be found under the “How Do I Get These Benefits?” section (VA Form 22-8691). Once completed, send it in. If you need help filling it out, or have any other questions, you can contact your local regional processing office (find one closest to you by clicking here).

For more information on VA education benefits in general, click here.