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Veterans or surviving spouses who already receive pension payments through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can receive additional payments if they qualify for two programs, Aid and Attendance (A&A) or Housebound allowance/benefits. However, a vet cannot get payments from both of these simultaneously (on top of their pension).

How Does A&A and Housebound Allowance Work?

A&A: If you’re a vet (or a surviving spouse) who receives a VA pension, and you need help with daily activities like bathing or dressing or feeding, or if you stay in bed all day or a large portion of the day because of a disability, or if you’re a patient in a nursing home due to a mental or physical illness or injury, or if your eyesight is severely limited (5/200 even with contacts or eyeglasses) you may be eligible to receive this additional monthly payment.

Housebound Benefits/Allowance: If you get VA pension payments and spend most of the time in your home because of permanent disability, you may be eligible for this benefit.

How Can A Veteran Apply For These Additional Payments?

You can write to the Pension Management Center (PMC) that handles your state (find it here) OR you can apply in person (find a regional benefits office near you, here).

What to fill out/include (when you send a letter to the PMC or visit a regional benefits office):

– Have your doctor fill out this form. Remember, you can securely message your doctor or other members of your medical team here.

– A description of your day-to-day activities and how you accomplish them — like getting to places and bathing, etc.

Once your claim is filed, you can check on its status and track it by going here

For more information on A&A and Housebound Allowance, check out this page.