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Normally, when a current service member using their G.I. Bill, the benefits/payments come in intervals. However, under a unique and special benefit, this compensation can be “accelerated”, and a lump sum of about 60% of tuition and fees can received — if and only if they’re enrolled in school, and in one of the following categories:

– Life science or physical science
– Engineering
– Mathematics
– Engineering and science technology
– Computer specialities

In addition to this, you have to certify that you will eventually look for employment in one or more of the following industries:

– Biotech
– Life science tech
– Optoelectronics
– Computers/telecommunications
– Electronics
– Computer-integrated manufacturing
– Material design
– Aerospace
– Weapons
– Nuclear technology

Once again, to qualify you must be active-duty and using your G.I. Bill benefits for either degree or non-degree purposes. You must also be a REAP recipient, or a Reservist using the Reserve G.I. Bill “while pursuing a non-degree program for two years or less” and your “tuition are more than 200% of the monthly amount of educational assistance you would otherwise qualify to get during the certified enrollment period.”

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