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Hiring a lawyer is no drop in the bucket. In fact, an attorney — on average — can charge up to $500 an hour, and that bill can quickly increase after factoring in the size and prestige of the firm they’re with, experience, area of expertise, among other factors.

It’s a reality that can leave military veterans facing legal trouble in a considerable amount debt after their cases are sorted out or, even worse: it can lead to homelessness. A 2016 Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) study found that an inability to afford legal aid was the number one reason for vets losing their homes, and subsequently living on the streets.

The following is a list of resources and centers that can find veterans FREE legal aid:

American Bar Association: Here you’ll find a map that serves as a directory for each state, and the pro bono resources for vets within them. Simply click on your state to bring up a list of contact information.

Stateside Legal: A site dedicated to “legal help for military members, veterans and families.”

Center for Veterans’ Advancement: CVA provides legal representation to vets and their families.

The Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program: They provide pro bono (“free of charge”) attorneys to “financially qualified veterans with meritorious claims when their benefits appeals reach the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.” They also mentor volunteer attorneys who want to join their mission.

Veterans Justice Outreach Program: Part of the VA, it exists to provide direct outreach, assessment and case management for vets facing court dates.

Free Legal Clinics in VA Facilities: A PDF of every VA center that houses a legal clinic, complete with addresses and contact information (emails and phone numbers).


If you’re a veteran who’s currently homeless or at risk of being homeless, click here for help.