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The leading cause of veteran homelessness is not alcohol abuse, mental illness, post-traumatic stress disorder, unemployment, substandard housing or even poverty.

It’s opioid addiction.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), in 2016 more than 68,000 veterans were addicted to the morphine-like, pain relief substances — with former service members ten times more likely than the average American to abuse them.

For those suffering and struggling with this devastating and life-threatening dependency, there are ways out.

Here’s a list of free resources offered to veterans to assist in finally squashing the nightmare that is opioid addiction.

Resources for Veterans

If you’re in crisis, and need immediate assistance, contact the Veterans Crisis Line by phone at 800-273-8255 or, online, get private support with the confidential Veterans Chat. You can also text 838255 or call 911, or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

To seek treatment like medically-managed detoxification, substitution, short-term outpatient counseling, residential live-in care, continuing care or relapse prevention, apply for VA health care by clicking here.

If you already are enrolled, you can message your primary care provider and other members of your medical team by clicking here.

If you don’t have a primary care provider yet, you can use this list to find a Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD) program nearest you — or call their hotline at 800-827-1000.

If you’re a veteran who doesn’t have VA health care benefits, you can still receive private counseling and other support at various community veteran centers scattered all across the country. To find one nearest you, click here.

For more information about substance abuse resources and treatment options, as well as consequences from such dependency (homelessness, mental health, etc.) click here.