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The G.I. Bill is arguably the most transformative benefit a veteran is offered by the government they sacrificed life and limb to protect, and, If used savvily, can leave a former or current service member with little to no tuition cost — and a degree, certificate or professional license at the ready to kickstart a prosperous, fulfilling career.

To apply for the G.I. Bill, click here.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), once a vet’s application is in, it’ll take about 30 days to hear back. Once approved, a letter will be mailed with the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) inside — this is the document to be given to a VA certifying official at the school of choice in order to officially start getting tuition paid for.

If you’ve received your COE, but have lost or misplaced it, you can print a new one by clicking here. It’ll also give a vet the status of their benefits via a simple dashboard.