Your DD-214 is paper. It’s flimsy. It wears, and it tears. It wasn’t made to travel. It was made to sit in a file folder and relax.

And it can finally do just that.

Because the VA announced it’s now officially issuing physical, hard plastic cards to veterans to show proof of service. It’s called the Veterans Identification Card (VIC).

Get Your VIC Card Here

After you click the green button above, log into your existing account, or register a new one. Then simply follow the steps to apply and get your VIC card.

Beyond this improvement, hosts these online services veterans can take advantage of right now:

If you’re not already enrolled in VA care, you can apply online by clicking here.

Refill prescriptions, by clicking here.

Securely message members of your VA health care team (and schedule appointments), by clicking here.

Apply for education benefitspension or burial benefits.

Check the status of Post-9/11 G.I. Bill benefits by clicking here.

– The way a veteran can check the status of their claims and appeals has been streamlined, and can be found all in one place, by clicking here.