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The United States Coast Guard found debris floating about 15 miles southeast of the island of Eleuthera — otherwise known as the Bermuda Triangle — Wednesday. They say it matches parts of a missing plane — a twin-engine turboprop MU-2B, which was last seen carrying a Manhattan CEO, her two young toddler sons and her pilot boyfriend on Monday.

This from the New York Post:

Missing are Jennifer Blumin, CEO of event planner Skylight Group, her 4- and 3-year-old sons and boyfriend Nathan Ulrich, of New Hampshire. The four had just spent Mother’s Day in Puerto Rico and were flying to Florida when the plane disappeared Monday afternoon.

On Wednesday morning, the USCG’s social media team tweeted out this photograph:

According to the branch, they’ve already “combed” about 8,200 square miles of sea in and around the Bahamas since news of the plane went missing.

“Certainly, as time goes on, that’s a factor in survivability and factored into our search,” said Eric Woodall, USCG spokesperson. “We’re a search and rescue agency, so we’re still out there looking for survivors.”