If you are your loved one’s caregiver, you can learn more about how the VA can support your needs by visiting this page or call the Caregiver Support Line at 1-855-260-3274.

For veterans who are disabled or have life-altering injuries, their family caregiver plays an integral part of their VA care team. However, in order to help their loved one, caregivers have to take care of themselves too.

The VA has a number of services and resources for family caregivers to help them reach out for emotional support and get the resources they need to properly care for the loved one.

Building Better Caregivers

This is a program that provides caregivers with a free six-week online workshop. During this program, caregivers will learn important skills that will help them take care of both their veteran loved one and themselves. There are lessons about caring for veterans with dementia, memory problems, traumatic injuries, PTSD, and more. Self-care will also be emphasized in this program, and caregivers will learn how to manage stress and deal with difficult emotions.

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Peer Support Mentoring

By building a community of mentors and mentees, this program cultivates a community where caregivers can get support from one another. Typically, a caregiver signs up for six months of regular communication with a mentor, at the frequency and level that both parties agree to. If you are a seasoned caregiver with lots of experience, you can sign up to a mentor as well.

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Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers

This program was created to enhance the support of seriously injured post-9/11 veterans.

Veterans who are eligible were seriously injured on or after September 11, 2001, and require a caregiver for everyday living.

Caregivers who are eligible are at least 18 years of age, and are either the veteran’s

– Spouse, son, daughter, parent, step-family member, or extended family member

– Someone who lives with the veteran full-time

Benefits of this program include a financial stipend, access to health care insurance, mental health services, caregiver training, and respite care.

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For other family members of veterans, which may include caregivers, the VA offers employment assistance programs to help them support their loved ones.