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Contrary to popular belief, attending a college or university is not the aspiration of every single American. And, of course, the military community is no different. Some vets would rather pursue a different path, and carve out a niche all their own — whether that be “hanging a shingle” and their own small business, or honing a profession that most don’t have the gall, or daring, to do.

The G.I. Bill accounts for this, and can cover the tuition (in addition to other expenses) for a number of non-college degree programs. And not just for vets either — for qualified dependents and active-duty service members as well.

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As promised here’s a quick list of 13 degrees or professions out there:

X-ray technician

Dental hygienist

Veterinary technician

Wind turbine technician

Massage therapist

Web developer

HVAC repair

Truck driving

EMT training

Barber school

Cosmetology school


Auto repair


Before enrolling, make sure the school that offers the program is approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

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If you’re eligible, you can receive tuition as well as monthly payments for book and other supplies (up to $83 a month depending on current payment rates that take in a number of factors unique to your situation).

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