Lest we forget: stolen valor is a crime.

A foolish man from Rochester, New York found this truth out the hard way Wednesday when he was sentenced to three months in prison by U.S. District Court Judge Frank P. Geraci after he was convicted of producing and using fake military ID cards and lying to federal agents.

Oh, and it gets better.

Mark Allan Kelly, 55, was also ordered to perform 300 hours of community service at the Rochester Veterans Outreach Center and to buy 500 American flags and place them on veterans’ graves at Mount Hope Cemetery.

After he’s done with his time in the clink? He’s not done. According to U.S. Attorney William Hochul Jr.’s office he’ll still have three years of “supervised release”.

It’s the least he can do to repay his debt to society. A society where he repeatedly disrespected the men and women who sacrifice their lives for the United States.

Here’s the worst of what he did, courtesy of Rochester’s Democrat & Chronicle:

Prosecutors said Kelly repeatedly lied about being a U.S. Navy officer and often wore Naval uniforms, ribbons and medals, including to a funeral where he presented an American flag to the parents of a Marine killed in Afghanistan in August 2014.

Geraci also ordered Kelly to write a letter of apology to the parents.

Kelly lied to a landlord that he was on active duty and received a military discount on his rent, as well as other financial benefits, Hochul’s office said.

When Kelly’s landlord and a friend confronted him with suspicions in the presence of a Rochester police officer, Kelly presented a forged military ID, according to Hochul’s office. The landlord brought the matter to the attention of naval investigators, and Kelly repeatedly lied about his Navy background during interviews with agents, prosecutors said.

Investigators recovered several false military ID cards from Kelly’s job.

In the end, clearly, this guy got what he deserved. Which is NOT a military discount.

Because he’s not real.

But, if you are a LEGIT, REAL, AUTHENTIC military veteran or active service member, you earned your discount.

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