Just kidding. It’s merely a clip of the heartthrobby, Magic Mike XXL star playing a United States Navy sailor in the Coen brothers’ new motion picture titled Hail, Caesar! — a “mystery comedy” about a “fixer” working in 1950s Hollywood.

Tatum, 35, was actually sent to a military school in ninth grade, but never entered the service upon graduation. Instead, he became a model and then an actor and yada yada yada.

Anyway, in the following footage he sings a number called “No Dames”.

It’s your standard Broadway-esque tune. Pretty camp. Pretty funny. Chockfull of sexual innuendo and mermaid anatomy lessons.

Now for the real thing. Here are real U.S. Navy sailors dancing (and singing perhaps too?) during World War II. As you can see, there are “dames” present.

Not sure if the gala occasion took place on a boat or not though. Most likely it didn’t.

If we had to guess, it was probably at a facility on land somewhere.