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Viewers were shocked when the U.S. Military Academy of West Point posted a Facebook video featuring a West Point cadet who appeared to be texting during her own graduation march.

See if you can spot the offending cadet in the video.

After the original video was posted on May 21, it provoked a public outcry from viewers who object to the cadet’s texting. To see how people felt about the video, look no further than its 950+ comments. Most of those comments were actually from military veterans.

“As a veteran, I want to know why are the cadets allowed to use cell phones while in formation? I am embarrassed for them and the new military standards. Obviously the uniform does not mean much to them,” one user wrote.

“Out of step, heads down, arms swinging in circles, and texting while marching. I’m ashamed to be associated as an Army Veteran right now. Is this the future of Army leadership?” another said.

The video has been viewed more than 600,000 times. Lt. Col. Christopher Kasker told NBC that the West Point cadet spotted on her phone will be punished.

Cadets have an individual responsibility for ensuring their appearance and actions reflect the highest level of military professionalism. While in formation or marching cadets may carry, but not use, a mobile device. The graduating cadet was marching from the barracks to the graduation ceremony and should not have been using a mobile device. This type of infraction is usually addressed by an on-the-spot-correction.