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War Inc is a virtual exhibit that features the tattoo stories of 24 veterans who have chosen to chronicle their experiences of war through ink. 

The exhibit which is a partnership between Contra Costa County Library and Jason Deitch, a former Army medic and military sociologist is an aim to bridge the gap and ease the transition from military life and civilian life. 

“We know that real change comes from the minds, hearts, and actions of real people,” Jason Deitch told  Military 1. “If you want to understand the men and women who have fought this country’s wars, and if you want to help them come all the way home from war, talk to them.”

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The stories are divided into separate chapters: We Were You, Changed Forever, Living Scars, and Living Not Surviving which examine these veterans lives before, during and after service. They also go into detail about the larger context – the silent stories, the ones they can’t explain in words, but through tattoos. 

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Check out the exhibit below