Mike Day, a former Navy SEAL, is training for a triathlon.

While it’s true that it’s an incredible feat for any American, Mike Day is not just any American.

Almost eight years ago to the day, Mike was with his SEAL team in a town near Fallujah, Iraq when al-Qaeda fighters opened fire as he entered an empty room.

They hit him 27 times. Eleven of the shots hit his body armor — the other 16 didn’t. They pierced him. Then, one of the extremists threw a grenade that detonated less than 10 yards from him, knocking him completely unconscious, but not killing him.

When he finally “came to”, he was still in the middle of a firefight. He took out two more members of the enemy before shots finally ceased. He somehow got himself to a medical helicopter, where they took him away to be treated for his life-threatening wounds.

Upon his discharge, he was awarded with the Purple Heart and the Silver and Bronze Star — heroic signifiers of a more than 20-year career as a Navy SEAL.

Now, through his egregious number of battle wounds and PTSD and all of the other obstacles he’s had to overcome, no one would argue if he went out and did something for himself and himself only.

But then you wouldn’t know a thing about Mike Day.

On April 12, the Iraq War hero will take on the half Ironman, and if he has anything to say about it he’ll have already raised more than $75,000 for the Carrick Brain Centers, based in Dallas. The money will go to help wounded veterans and children who have suffered severe brain injuries.

To give to his cause, simply click here.