Airman provides medical care to soldiers

Researchers at Texas A&M University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are working together to develop a treatment that would prevent soldiers from losing massive amounts of blood from fatal injuries during combat. 

According to Akhilesh Gaharwar,  a professor of biomedical engineering and a researcher on the team, the treatment comes in the form of a biodegradable gelatin substance that has been embedded with nano-sized silicate discs that aid in coagulation (clotting).

Once injected, the material locks into place at the site of the injury and rapidly decreases the time it takes for blood to clot. 

“The time to get to a medical facility can take a half hour to an hour, and this hour is crucial; it can decide life and death,” Gaharwar told

Researchers envision soldiers being able to carry the treatments with them in a syringe while on missions. If the soldier gets injured and is in a situation where he or she is unable to apply enough pressure to prevent heavy bleeding – they then can use the substance to decrease blood loss, clotting and hopefully keep the soldier alive in enough time to make it to a treatment facility or hospital. 

This treatment is still in the development stages. 

 Listen to Gaharwar talk more about the teams findings below