Happy National Hamburger Day … or not.

The military has officially banned Big Macs and other snacks from legal meetings at Guantanamo Bay, just in time for National Hamburger Day. The rule may seem outlandish for a prison, but it is actually signaling the end of a long-running tradition between prison inmates and their lawyers.

When trapped in legal limbo, food from base restaurants such as McDonald’s and Pizza Hut were the only traces of the outside world prisoners received for many months. Lawyers have long relied on sharing food to gain the trust and cooperation of their clients, who range from accused terrorists to U.S. soldiers. Gitmo even provided a microwave and refrigerator to facilitate these interactions.

As easily as Gitmo giveth, Gitmo taketh away. Read the official memo detailing this policy change here. Meanwhile, us free chickens can fully celebrate National Hamburger Day with military restaurant specials.