The modern U.S. Paratrooper follows a long and distinguished tradition of being ranked among America’s most elite breed of fighting men and women. Their determination and courage are matched by few, and they set a high standard among our Military Force.

Take a peek into the daily life of these brave volunteers!

Crawl, Walk, Run: Preparation for every jump is vital for success. Constantly practicing actions in the aircraft and the infamous parachute landing fall is something every paratrooper must learn to love!
prejump Source: US Army
prejump2 Source: US Army
Large Package Week/ Joint Operational Access Exercise Source: US Army


Safety First: Once the Paratrooper slips into the harness and ready’s the parachute, it’s time for the Jumpmaster Personnel Inspection (JMPI). This process is performed by the most highly trained paratroopers, know as Jumpmasters, to ensure every single piece of the equipment is safe and ready to go. Once complete, time to hurry up and wait!
jmpi2 Source: US Army
jmpi Source: US Army
3663160710_5e76236a71_z Source: US Army


Getting Airborne: The excitement levels increase as the paratroopers make their way onto the aircraft and hit the open sky.
inline Source: US Army
Joint Forcible Entry Exercise Source: US Army
masstac Source: US Army


Sound Off for Equipment Check: It’s almost time! As the aircraft nears the dropzone, the Jumpmaster gives the commands for every paratrooper to stand up, hook up their static lines and check their equipment one final time before making their way to the door.
4367407715_8a8b7298dc_z Source: US Army
onplane Source: US Army


Green Light Go: Once the signal is given, it’s time to make the big jump! Hearts are pounding, and it only takes 6 seconds from the moment the Paratrooper hits the open air and the parachute opens! All paratrooper must follow the famous “5 Points of Performance” to ensure a safety in the air.1.) Proper exit, check body position and count. 2.) Check canopy and gain canopy control. 3.) Look out for all other jumpers 4.) Prepare to land 5.) Land!
in_door Source: US Army
Joint Forcible Entry Exercise Source: US Army
Through the eyes of a Paratrooper: 173rd jumps in Ukraine for Rapid Trident 2011 Source: US Army
exit1 Source: US Army
insky2 Source: US Army
landing Source: US Army


All in a Day’s Work: After landing, it’s time to pack your shoot and start the process all over again!
onground2 Source: US Army
paratrooper Source: US Army


Life as a United States Paratrooper is not easy, and proves to be a challenge everyday.  For the proud few that have chosen to live the life of the U.S. Paratrooper, we tip our hats to them all!