If there is anything that can bring two countries together, it’s puppies.

The world mourned when Diesel, a seven year-old explosive-sniffing dog, was killed by a suicide bomber during a police raid following the Nov. 13 Paris terrorist attacks. Scientific Production Association of Special Materials (NPO), a group formed by the Soviet Union to develop armor, has developed new body armor for dogs like Diesel in order to protect them in the field.

Dubbed “Nord body armor,” this new armor is designed to protect the neck and chest. Additional attachments can give the dog more coverage on the legs. The armor is also comfortable to wear, although a dog might be confused by the doggie garment at first.

“At first, of course, the dog did not like the vest. Then gradually she realized that it was for her own good and protection,” dog handler Vladimir Khitrykh said.

The Russian government also gifted France with a puppy named Dobrynia to help the Paris police department and its dogs fight terrorism.