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1. So, have you ever killed anyone?


Same applies for, “Did you ever see anyone die?” and “Do you have PTSD?”


2. I would’ve joined, but I [have flat feet, have asthma, was in school, would miss my family…]. 


Please. Stop.


3. (To female vets) Were you a nurse? Can you shoot a gun? 


(photo: Huffington Post)


4. I don’t believe in war/guns. 



5. If you weren’t in combat, are you actually a veteran? 



6. You’re so lucky the military is paying for your education/housing/benefits.


(photo: Kimberly Dix | Huffington Post)


7. Have you seen the Hurt Locker/ American Sniper/ A Few Good Men? 



Have any you’d like to add to our list? Let us know in the comments section below!