Deployment can be hard on military families, including the fluffiest family member. Here are 10 dogs who absolutely cannot wait to jump into their returning human’s arms:


1. This Golden who can’t stop crying

2. This big sweetie who spots his returning human in the front yard

3. This German Shepard who definitely didn’t see it coming

4. This old gal moving fast to get to her human

5. This guy who (literally) couldn’t contain himself

6. This trio that nearly suffocate their human with excitement

7. This Siberian Husky who doesn’t quite believe it at first

8. These dogs that welcome their human home with a cuteness attack

9. This dog who earns the award for Most Excited

10. And, saving the best for last, this surprised Marine who went to plead his case to adopt his battle buddy, and ended up getting a quicker answer than he expected.