This is either incredibly cruel, or incredibly funny (maybe a little bit of both).

An EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) technician with the United States Navy decided to let his good sport of his fiancé put on a 75-pound getup that he regularly has to don to keep safe from … bombs. Shockwaves, shrapnel, the whole menu of danger that an explosive device can deliver.

He then filmed it, put it on YouTube, and slapped the following pithy caption upon it:

“Put the little lady into some of our work attire.”

Watch as she desperately struggles to get upright, all the while providing colorful commentary to the weighty ordeal (she said something about being an astronaut?):

(h/t: Task & Purpose)

Marine veteran and current Hollywood heartthrob Adam Driver tried on a similar outfit in Kuwait about a year ago. He faired a tiny bit better than the fiancé above.