Meet Roger, the kangaroo that is shaming us into hitting the gym.


(Photo Credit: The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs)

Just look at those rippling pectorals. Such majesty. Such poise.

This insanely buff kangaroo lives in the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia. He was orphaned as a tiny joey, and remained alone and defenseless until Kangaroo Dundee star Chris Brolga rescued him from the unforgiving wilds. Like the protagonist of a Lifetime movie, Roger rose above his  humble beginnings and grew to become one of the biggest, baddest kangaroos on the reserve. He is eight years old, six and a half feet tall and weighs 189 pounds.

No one, beast or man, becomes ripped overnight. Roger built up his bod by roaming 50 acres of land, nibbling on grass and crushing metal drums with his bare paws.


(Photo Credit: The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs)

As cute as they are, kangaroos are the bruisers of the animal kingdom. They have their own unique style of kickboxing, which they use to fight off predators and establish dominance. If their hard punches and sharp claws aren’t enough, a kangaroo can balance on its tail and deliver a double-kick that can crush bone. Luckily, kangaroos are vegetarian and find no need to stomp on humans.

Even though he is one dangerous character, Roger still has a sensitive side.


(Photo Credit: The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs)

If you want to become a finely chiseled specimen like Roger but don’t have any metal buckets to crush, may be of assistance.

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