The only thing Gordon Ramsay likes more than good food is a good cause. In a recent episode of his cooking show “Gordon Ramsay’s F Word,” he found both at Fort Benning.

Wild hogs were first sighted in the Fort Benning area in the 1950s. While it is unclear whether the pigs escaped from nearby farms or were purposefully introduced to the area for hunting, experts agree that the pig population grew out of control in 1997. As omnivorous animals, these wild hogs started gnawing away at the Georgia landscape and devouring wildlife.

Today hunters are encouraged to shoot and trap pigs year-round. The Commander General of Fort Benning has even offered a $40 bounty to military members that bag a few hogs.

“Hog is tender, lean and bursting with flavor,” Ramsay explains in the episode. “To give me a chance to enjoy some prime cuts from the wild, I’m joining the Army’s special task force under the command of Major Bobby Tune.”

Roll the clip so you can see how he fared in the Georgia wilderness.

Warning: There is some graphic imagery in this video.