The Navy and the Air Force will duke it out on the football field this Saturday in Annapolis, MD. In the spirit of competition, both the United States Naval Academy and the Air Force Academy have been laying on the trash talk through elaborate Youtube videos.

On Sept. 27, Naval Academy student Rylan Tuohy and his friends put together mock declassified footage of Air Force students literally training for the ‘Chair Force.’ You’ll see what we mean.

The Air Force Academy did not take this slight sitting down. The next day, Brett Hagen, an Air Force cadet famous for asking out Taylor Swift via rap, wrote some rhymes dissing the Navy in a song called ‘Sink Navy.’

“The Navy’s drowning/I try to keep them afloat/My lyrics are deeper than the ocean/That’s why they’re needing a boat,” Hagen raps.

So which burn was best? Let us know in the comments.