You’re probably sick of looking like like the Snapchat ghost in your nice dress shirts, yeah? You’re most likely tired of unintentionally tricking the public into thinking you’re a few pounds heavier than you actually are, and swishing around in your flabby duds like a jellyfish on land. Hey, we can’t blame you. It’s no way to endure business meetings, graduations, galas, balls, weddings, knighthood ceremonies and, well, anything you have to appear snazzy at.

Thankfully, we have the haberdasher’s elixir to this all-too-popular wardrobe headache.

And it all has to do with the “military tuck”, which is a squeeze of the extra fabric at the seams, a nifty fold and a — you guessed it — tuck.

Learn it and learn it well in the following video, which includes four other dress tips (for both men AND women).

Check it out if you want to put that cringeworthy billowing to bed for good

Need a new dress wardrobe? Or want to modernize your closet in general? If you’re a military veteran, you’re in luck.

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