The mother of a United States military service member goes through so much in support of her child. From her perspective it’s spending every moment, for years, loving and raising a kid only to, one day, be told they might be put in harm’s way — on foreign, treacherous soil or sea, in the air, in combat and even war — faraway from the love and protection they’ve founded.

It’s inheriting a burden, yet proud, that’s almost too painful and unfathomable for anyone who hasn’t gone through it to imagine.

It goes without saying these courageous moms deserve the best. Mother’s Day, naturally, is maybe the perfect time to shower them with all the love, appreciation and yes, GIFTS, they can possibly receive.

Deciding specifically what to present them with, however, can be an immensely challenging task. To nail it, we banded together a bunch of brands who are offering deals — through exclusive military discounts — and made it easier on you, the service member community (easier on your wallet, too).

Here they are (click the link, then the red TroopID button either on the page or in the shopping cart flow to verify as a member of the military community):

1-800-FLOWERS: Radiant tulips? Graceful gardenias? Budding roses or sweet spring lilies? There are tons of different bouquets for mama. And they’re a whopping 20% off for verified military members!

Orvis: A lightweight linen three-quartered sleeved shirt. A blue bandana printed silk scarf. Drirelease long-sleeved quarter-zip tee. Sunwashed crewneck sweatshirt. All of these quality attire options are available through this classic American retailer’s link. AND — if you’re verified military? It’s 10% off.

Costco: Who wouldn’t want a membership to Costco? Sign up mom for one as verified military and, who knows? Maybe there’ll be chocolate chip cookies in it for you in the very near future?

Ray-Ban: Mama would love her a sleek pair of Erikas. Or maybe some aviators? There’s the CATS5000 Classics, too. So many shades to choose from one of the world’s most desired brands. And get this: verified members of the military get an incredible 20% off!

Blue Nile: Moms and jewelry. How can you possibly go wrong? Verified military members get 10% select jewelry here.

Ashley Stewart: This popular clothing site has so many different looks for mom. “Stripes That Slay.” “Yas, Yellow.” “Sassy in Sequin.” 10% off, too (for verified military members).

Under Armour: If you want to surprise her with a sleek, state-of-the-art something to wear, look no further. There’s the featherweight fleece slouchy (it’s a cool sweatshirt). Or the “Luster Bomber.” A hunting hoodie? Shoes? There’s so much here and verified military gets 10% off, so, YES.

Omaha Steaks: Filet mignon. Brunch. Salmon. Oh! The delectable possibilities go on and on here and, as a verified member of the military you can give her a dining experience to remember AND save 10% off site-wide (also, for orders of $50 or more, shipping is FREE).

Overstock: Verified military members get a free Club O Gold membership sooo, with that, what CAN’T you get mom?? At a discount, too. A ton of stuff. Check it out.


23andMe: If your mother has ever wondered where her ancestors are from, or what lies in her genes, like health and traits, this gift could truly change the way she looks at her life. The offer is simple: save $20 (limit 2 kits). Celebrate her DNA story.**

** – Her story can be your story, too. If you think about it. So, added bonus?