Not often you get a lesson from a master.

Of something — or anything.

Moreover, it’s even less often that master happens to be a huge, HUGE supporter of American military veterans.

But, alas, Jordan Spieth is that master. Even if he’s barely old enough to buy booze.

We’re giddy about this virtual lesson, and we think you will be too. It’s a clip of a recent visit the young professional Texan golfer made to the venerable CBS This Morning where he taught host Charlie Rose and everyone watching how to do something he does better than 99.9% of the world’s population.

Swing a golf club.

This one’s a desperate prayer for the sandbaggers. May you sandbag no more:

Did you know that Spieth’s foundation, Jordan Spieth Family Foundation, provides funding and support to children of fallen service members, through a partnership with the Knights of Heroes? True story.

Did you also know that Spieth is one of Under Armour‘s golden children — i.e. one of their athletes? He is, and just like the major championship winner himself, UA offers a significant discount to military veterans.

This link (this one) will lead you to saving some serious dough on the cutting-edge athletic clothing brand.

Oh, and if watching that clip reminded you that you need new clubs? TaylorMade has a ridiculous military discount too — 15%! Just click this link.