Can this be true? A total, sweat-inducing, muscle-bulging, sore-for-the-next-few-days-afterward workout in only … seven minutes? Like, 420 seconds? That’s it?

According to the American College of Sports Medicine in Indianapolis, Indiana, yes — this unicorn of a exercise regimen exists, and it involves intervals of intense “go”, with mere seconds to recover (“not go”). There are nine to 12 exercises, and you do them over and over up to — or beyond if you’d like — for six to seven minutes.

Apparently, it achieves two essentials: keeping your ticker pumping, and getting each muscle group to work.

Here’s the whole thing, via GQ:

Perform this plan as a circuit, executing 9 to 12 of the exercises below for 30 seconds each, moving from one to the next within 10 seconds. If you’re aiming to burn major calories, go right into a second and even a third set. Complete it three times a week, on nonconsecutive days, for best results.

00:00–00:30 Jumping Jacks

00:40–01:10 Wall Sit

01:20–01:50 Push-ups

02:00–02:30 Crunches

02:40–03:10 Chair Step-ups

03:20–03:50 Squats

04:00–04:30 Triceps dips on a chair

04:40–05:10 Plank

05:20–05:50 High knees

06:00–06:30 Lunges

06:40–07:10 Push-ups with rotation

Try it out and let us know what you think? Write a few words for us in the comments below. If you have a workout that you think is better, include it. Our fitness-crazed readers will enjoy it — maybe we’ll all learn something?