Funny how we glean things off someone and apply it to our own lives — even if it sounds crazy — when we trust the source of the tip.

For instance, when a retired United States Army four-star general who was previously responsible for JSOC in Iraq for five years and credited with nabbing the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq says something a little unconventional, we buy in. But if it were your butcher or baker or candlestick maker who said the same thing? Nah.

We used the example of a high-ranking Army leader because in the following clip from The Tim Ferriss Show, a popular podcast hosted by a man The New York Times once described as “a cross between Jack Welch and a Buddhist monk”, he details how he only eats — wait for this! — a single meal a day.

One. Single. Eating. Session.

What would you call that — “breaklunner”? “Dilunfast”?

Eggs, bacon, coffee and maybe some Omaha Steaks? Does a Hershey bar for dessert count? Does dessert count at all, or as a second meal??

Hear the retired general explain his method and more in the following video: