Everything from homes and phones to cars and watches is becoming smarter. What many don’t know is that smart guns have been a reality for years.

To fire a Armatix iP1 pistol, the user must also be wearing a special bracelet that emits a unique radio frequency. If the wireless bracelet is more than 15 inches away, the gun is locked and unable to fire. This safety feature has the potential to eliminate gun-related violence, such as a gun being turned against its owner.

Other smart gun prototypes use fingerprint sensors to prevent unauthorized users from firing them.

The problem is that consumers do not want them. Many worry that smart guns could encroach upon the second amendment. If you can program a gun to fire only when held by an authorized user, opponents ask, can the government use that to restrict gun access?

When the second amendment is involved, people stick to their, well, guns. What do you think of smart guns?