It’s no secret that the Finns detest snowmen. They hate them with every fiber of their being — a being that may or may not be stuffed with mustikkapiirakka and rapu.**

Which is why the following short film makes perfect sense, because it’s Finnish filmmakers turning their vitriol into art, in the form of a short horrifying YouTube work titled “KILLERDRONE! Flying chainsaw” (it even has a hashtag!) where an unmanned aerial machine wielding a portable, mechanical band of connected links with a hard toothed edge chops down a field of the adorable, well-dressed individuals constructed with frozen water and love.

But while sitting duck snowmen are the drone’s obvious prey, you’ll never guess what the automated predator’s semi-natural kryptonite is. Don’t worry, you’ll find out, because in the movie’s denouement the fierce globules rear their ugly (or beautiful, depending on how you’re looking at it) heads.

The scary contraption could actually be useful for chopping down lofty tree branches and trimming up the backyard, but the fact that it’s most likely banned from operating in all 50 United States makes the point pretty much moot.

** – This was a joke. The good people of Finland do not hate snowmen.