On June 6, 1944, D-Day happened.

D-Day: the massive military operation known at the time as Operation Neptune that saw the United States and the Allies invade Normandy, France, was the largest seaborne invasion in world history. It ignited the liberation of France from the Nazis as well as the Allies’ victory in Europe in general.

The amphibious landings are legendary — just like the incredibly brave men who manned the operation — but it was so much more than the famous landing crafts. This graphic (courtesy of the BBC) does a great job of helping us visualize the enormity of the invasion. There was really nothing else like it … ever.

Or since.

Let’s never forget the more than 14,000 courageous military service members who gave their life on this day. They saved us from tyranny, they preserved our freedom and we should be forever grateful.