Don’t mind this guy.

He’s just driving around in his bone white convertible Volvo on Florida’s U.S. 1 Interstate with an authentic Israeli-built Shafir-2 air-to-air missile riding shotgun, as you can clearly see in the photograph shown above.

(And as first reported by the Palm Beach Post and circulated on social media via tweets like the one below):

Turns out, the man driving the car is a local businessman named Tom Madden.

No, not Steve Madden. Or even John Madden.

Tom Madden. And Tom thought it would be funny (it is) if instead of having his new trophy military projectile shipped by a big truck like a normal human being, he’d tote it around for all of the Sunshine State to see — in the front seat of his topless Swedish automobile.

According to the Florida news source, Tom got it from a widow whose husband won it decades ago at a Palm Beach auction to benefit the Israeli Defense Forces. It still has many of the elements of its original form, the specifications of which were to be used in the Six Day War of 1967. While it lacks a rocket motor and a warhead, it possesses an infrared seeker, among other explosive amenities.

The funniest part about the whole story though? He drove around with this thing hanging out his car like he just picked up a couple of two-by-fours at Home Depot, and no one cared.

According to Foxtrot Alpha, Madden was waiting to get stopped by police — he was gearing up for it — but when an officer pulled up along side him, the cop didn’t do anything.

Tom also said he went through a fast food drive-thru and not one individual gave a glance or said a word about it.

Ahh, Florida!