They’re vice admirals. They’re Air Force Thunderbirds. They’re Marines. They’re soldiers. They’re lifesavers. They’re dogs. And they’re simply extraordinary.

Oh, and in the following clip? The superhero hospital canines of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland are hungry.

USAF Major Goldie, Navy Rear Admiral Bobbie, Navy Vice Admiral Laura Lee and Marine Gunnery Sergeant Archie, along with their handlers, go to work every week at the massive military hospital to do what they’re best at: making veterans, kids, wounded service members, staff — and pretty much anyone who encounters them — feel like a trillion dollars.

Through one-on-one interactions that are controlled by the service members working within the WRNMMC Facility Dogs Program (which is run by Patty Barry and Amy O’Connor), the dogs have a special knack of providing comfort, support and love to those that need it most. It’s deemed “therapy”, but it runs so much deeper than that.

Just ask any dog owner.