HYLETE designs and builds premium athletic apparel, and footwear for a passionate
community. A large part of that community is made up of the men and women of the
armed forces who utilize their fitness to ensure our safety. Partnerships with military-
focused charities such as Team Rubicon and O.U.R. Rescue through HYLETE’s Charity
Support Program, further solidify the brand’s dedication to our veterans and active

If you are a veteran or a current service member, you are invited to save 20% on
premium athletic apparel at HYLETE.com.

To access the 20% discount, simply click here to be verified through ID.me.
Being part of the HYLETE community means joining a group of men and women who
are motivated to lead their best lives, and encourage those around them to do the
same. As HYLETE strives to create innovative products, they promise to focus on
inspiring the individuals that make their community exceptional.